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PCB Repair


With over 1,000 components in stock, we are able to fault find and repair printed circuit boards from a wide range of Industrial, Agricultural and Commercial equipment.

We regularly save our customers thousands of pounds by repairing their existing equipment.

A customer recently had a HMI (Human Machine Interface) which is a fancy way of saying a touchscreen that runs their printing press, they rang us to see if we could help, our engineer was able to drive to their factory and diagnose which part was faulty and remove it.  THe HMI was brought back to our workshop where we replaced the backlights, because we had removed the screen ourselves, we knew which pins were for power so were able to test the HMI before taking it back to the customer and refitting it. All in the customer was out of action for 1 day.

Another customer had a laboratory instrument for measuring the density of paper, this instrument was not giving consistent readings, our engineer with over 20 years experience in lab instruments diagnosed the fault to be faulty seals, these seals are no longer manufactured and the instrument itself has been obsolete for a number of years. The seals were made in-house, fitted and tested and the instrument returned to the customer.

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