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We can now produce and rewind electromagnet solenoids and small transformers.

We are able to produce coils that are upto 6" long and 4" o/d.

We can produce sample coils to your specifications or if you have a coil that is faulty or that you need copying, we are able to pull the windings off and then we can either wind new wire back onto the existing bobbin or we can use the information gathered from the old coil to create a new one.

Pictured below are some coils that we have recently repaired, the 2 plastic bobbins on the left were short circuit, when they were pulled down, 1 had burnt right through the plastic, the wire gauge and number of turns were noted down and a new one was made onto the 1 good remaining bobbin. The large coil in the middle has gone open circuit, this has yet to be taken apart and re-made, the bobbin is made from brass with bakelite ends, so it will just be a case of unwinding and then rewinding new wire back on.

The coils on the right and at the bottom of the photo are just a couple that we have made to show the 'finished' article.

Contact us at sales[at]lumaco[dot]co[dot]uk for more information.


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